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Earth and the planet Shuromij are plagued by Psychic monsters from Otherworldly Dimensions. Thanks to the Occult order of Nishin Genma who played God for millennia, the galaxy must endure their wicked legacy of extra-sensory experiments!

But stopping the disease spreading is a former disciple reborn as a Mutant Demigod through Baptism in the Black Fires of Hades itself. He is Ryuken Kage, the sole survivor of the ultimate weapon program, the Genma Visage!

His former masters sought to find the Cure. They created only a Disease. Now Ryuken will stop it Spreading!

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London MCM EXPO May 24th-26th 2019
ExCeL London
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
London E16 1XL

Genma Visage

I've had a bumpy few months as announced here and there on my Facebook and D.A. Christmas was otherwise lovely as always and MCM was Okay. I'm just dropping this quick message to let folks know I'm alive and well as evident in the renewal of my domain. Asides from the odd snippet I can't really reveal much of what I'm working on just yet, but suffice to say when the big update comes, the hard work will show. Will keep in touch! x x x -TomT


London MCM Expo October 2018

In the words of Usheana Mano, "Haul yeh fat ass over here, you mook, or I'm gonna pound yeh head 'til you piss yeh tonsils!"

I'm gonna keep it quiet and chilled. But feel free to anyone in the neighbourhood to come check my stuff out. Should hopefully have a tomfoolery-free weekend of merriment!

Genma Visage Book 1: £7.50
Genma Visage Book 2: £6.50
Genma Visage Book 3: £7.50
Genma Visage: Profane Divinations: £15.00
Genma Visage: The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor (First Edition): £15.00

£5 a print. Including the "Springfield Warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancy" pieces.

Simple / Cartoony
Sketch: £7
Inks: £12 (Per Additional Character: £7.50)
Colours: £18 (Per Additional Character: £13)
Detailed / Realistic
Sketch: £12
Inks: £20 (Per Additional Character: £15)
Colours: £30 (Per Additional Character:

Adios Amigos.

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