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Disclaimer: This website contains Adult Horror-Orientated Content and is recommended for Mature Viewers.


Earth and the planet Shuromij are plagued by Psychic monsters from Dimensions beyond Reality. The Most horrific fact about the beings called Youkai is...most of them are Man-Made! Now thanks to Millennia of playing God, the galaxy has to endure the legacy of wicked extra-sensory experiments courtesy of the Occult order of Nishin Genma.
But one former Psychic Assassin will put his foot down and stop the Mad scientists corrupting and mutating the innocent. His name is Ryuken Kage and he is the most successful and tragic disciple of the rituals to create the ultimate Psychic Demigods; the
Genma Visage.
His former masters sought to find the Cure. They created only a Disease.
Now Ryuken will stop it Spreading!

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26th-28th May 2017

Excel Exhibition Centre, London

International Comic Expo
10th June 2017

Hilton Metropole, Kings Road BN1 2FU

Genma Visage

Hello chaps! Hope you've all been keeping as well as can be!
Good News on Good Friday! I've been putting off the announcement for about a week, but today is more appropriate. I am pleased to announce that the workload including the comic art, writing, lettering and formatting for Book 0 Part 1: Profane Divinations is now complete. With a week to spare I met my own personal deadline to have it complete and apart from the proofreading suffice to say I am a very happy Bunny. Compared with it's Brother Part 2: Progeny of Shemsu-Hor this is certainly the biggest book to date, quite the expansion compared to it's earlier page count of about 54 pages.I'm having a quick formatting job of the previous books but it sure is a joy to have a full library and start the new adventures to come. In the fall of May you shall see Maud Lesgov and Relicia's gang get up to their shenanigans in the future print runs of the Genma Visage series. Incidentally certain fellows who get comics printed for me may wish to keep an eye on their inboxes.
In the meantime, I'd like to brush up on some well earned Illustration duties very soon and also knock up a new pull out Banner as the prestige totem to show off at conventions. Huzzah!

In other news, soonish, more likely May, I shall be unveiling works in progress of designs and illustrations regarding a project under the code name "Pagan Leers". The actual title it'll go under has 90% been decided on, but maybe subject to change. I'll fill you all in when the time comes, but it's certainly shaping up to be a fun project and a breath of fresh air compared to the dark and horror orientated presence that is Genma Visage.

That'll be all for now. Peace and God Bless, chaps. -TomT

Hello there, Old chaps. It's been a little while since my last post. Hope you've all had a exciting Halloween, cracking Bonfire Night \ Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas, a Happy New Years celebrations, and a Heartwarming Valentines day. Admittedly, i don't care much for all the recent Politics that populates the Newsfeed, although it's a bit of shame with some of the celebrity deaths as of late. But hey.

I've been alright, alive and kicking and all that. Ever the busy beaver. I suppose on that note I'll cut straight to the chase.

I have my first show confirmed, and that will be the
London MCM Expo in May. This is brilliant because as fate would have it, the Comic Village was fully booked last year in that venue by the time i could get to my inbox. Luck fell in my lap this time around though. In contrast to 2016 i would like to have conventions more plentiful from here on out. Whilst i can't confirm further convention attendances for the time being, the conventions i had in mind include ICE in Brighton, LFCC in Olympia, Bristol Comicon (a maybe), Leeds Thought Bubble, Scotland MCM in Glasgow, in fact as many MCM expos as i can get my hands.

Part of the reasons I can't confirm too many is because of course my commitment to getting books in print as well. Currently I'm tackling the lettering process of the final cut of Book 0 part 1, then both parts will be complete and I'll have what i call a current full set of books to take on the world with. Touchwood Part 1 will be in print for London MCM Expo. After that the next Book that will be on the cards would be Book 4 which shall conclude the saga of Jacobi and the Shogun Empire. Book 0 part 3, the final part of the Shemshu Hor Saga will follow, and will there be more Genma Visage titles? I'd like to keep hopeful. :)

In addition i have been working on the designs for the pending title comic Pagan Leers. I haven't got anything in concrete to mention now, but all i can say is, it's an Action Fantasy story with hot women, it's aiming for about the certificate 12a \ 15 age group, and it'll be a lot more light-hearted and upbeat compared to Genma Visage. It'll also do away with saga based stories. There will be a continuity but each book will be fully self contained stories. Saying all this though, I would like to have a set plan before starting any new comic projects in full and in particular I'd like to take a break if need be so i can work on other Professional obligations within the field.

Lately I've also added lots of new content to the galleries on my website, including my recent artworks and also sections for my Landscapes and Life drawing material to assure passer buyers of my interest in the simple things of life. Also for Nostalgia sake I've also added a gallery for other Non GV animations that i did during my University days, complete with recent insight and annotations on the matter. As you can see I've gone ahead to try and flex the appeal of the website. Whilst Genma Visage will always be the face, title, backbone and driving force of what i do, I've gone about presenting my Site to encompass my work and portfolio as a whole to catch multiple eyes if need be. Every little helps.

And that's about it! Further items you can expect on the website will be more artwork, several new Lore chapters and a more Populated character gallery where the roster will grow from 14 to about 36 characters as depicted in the series. So there you go, work work work! :)

Hope you all have a goodun and best wishes for your 2017 adventures.

If you're interest in my work the catalogue is as follows. Email me at for any queries.

Genma Visage Book 1:  8.50
Genma Visage Book 2:  7.50
Genma Visage Book 3:  8.50
Genma Visage: The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor (First Edition): 15.50

10 a print. Including the "Springfield Warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancy" pieces.

Simple / Cartoony
Sketch: 6
Inks: 10 (Per Additional Character: 6)
Colours: 16 (Per Additional Character: 10)
Detailed / Realistic
Sketch: 12
Inks: 20 (Per Additional Character: 15)
Colours: 30 (Per Additional Character: 24)

Hello again, friends. For what has admittedly been a rather quiet year for the conventions, I'm pleased and looking forward to trekking up to the highlands for the Scotland MCM 2016. Will intend to make a good weekend out of it for sure. :)

As with last year's event, this year i shall be joined again by my brothers in arms Curt Sibling and John Alexander where we will be showing off our newest wares. They've got a few new treats of their own and so have i, taking my newest book "Progeny of Shemsu-Hor" out for a spin. After years of stopping, starting and toiling over that one. I'm certainly quite proud to having this large chunky book in my hands

To give you a heads up, commission rates will be going up this year, although i will be keeping a cheaper separate rate for cartoony, caricature and simplified artworks depending on the scale of the commission.


Genma Visage Book 1: 8.50
Genma Visage Book 2: 7.50
Genma Visage Book 3: 8.50
Genma Visage: The Progeny of Shemsu-Hor (First Edition): 15.50

10 a print. Including the "Springfield Warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancy" pieces.

Simple / Cartoony
Sketch: 6
Inks: 10 (Per Additional Character: 6)
Colours: 16 (Per Additional Character: 10)

Detailed / Realistic
Sketch: 12
Inks: 20 (Per Additional Character: 15)
Colours: 30 (Per Additional Character: 24)

Have a goodun, boys and girls, and I'll see you all there. -TomT


My first show of this year. The usual will be up for sale. However there will be deeper previews of upcoming works, in particular on the Saturday there will be a "Special Treat" up for sale too.

It's been a while since my last show so here's hoping to kick the dust from my joints. Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces there.

Scotland MCM EXPO now confirmed. Have recently updated the FAQ a bit to boot.

Whoa, man! Has it been a big jump since I last added news to this site.

Not dead! Still very much productive, and it gives me great pleasure to announce my first show for this year, the traditional
London Film and Comic Con this end of July.
There'll be at least one new book making to the scene, and some of you will know which one I'm talking about. ;) News to come.
I sadly won't be doing the MCM Expo London this time round in May, but here's hoping Glasgow and the October London MCM is still in the bag. Have a marvellous time to all who attend this weekend. Regards - Tommy

Scotland MCM was a real hoot and it was awesome nice to go around sight seeing in Glasgow city. Now onto the next event!

London MCM October 23rd-25th 2015
You know the drill, Lads!

This will be the last one this year unless something big turns my plans upside down. I'd like to say thank you, hugs and sloppy kisses to one and all for making this an awesome year for conventions. 2016 intends to be even better of course. There's some new stuff on the horizon and I can't wait!

Best wishes and see you there. -TomT x

Off to Scotland Again. Not much to say, other than thoroughly looking forward to the MCM and meeting familiar and new faces. :)

You'll find me alongside the Amigos of Curt Sibling and Chaos Alexander as we sell are wares and provide much amusement for visitors at the con. I've been told it's been fully booked for the weekend so I dare say my art commission hand is going to be put to the test throughout. Wish me luck, gang. :P

The available items on my table are as follows.

Funny Books:

Genma Visage Book 1:  8.50
Genma Visage Book 2:  7.50
Genma Visage Book 3:  8.50
1 to 3:  22

10 a print. Including the "Springfield Warriors" and "Tyrannical Cryomancy" pieces.

Commissions (per one character)

Bog standard sketch:  7
B&W Pencil \ Ink drawing:  12
Colour Ink \ Paints drawing:  20

Extra B&W character within picture:  7
Extra Colour character within picture:  12

Hope you all have a goodun to anyone who is visiting. Take care! :)

Hello chaps, there has certainly been a cluster of activity as of late. I've just been scanning the pages of Book 0 part 2 and have been lettering them as we speak. Some copies should be printed within the next 3 weeks, just in time for the Glasgow MCM, my next convention. There, I will be joined by Local legends, Curt Sibling, Chaos Alexander and Jim Stewart, and together we shall make this a pretty kickarse conention indeed.

In other news, I'm probably going to be taking down the Genma Visage Deviantart Group page, simply because I just get more revenue on this account instead. Updating two on the same media site has become a bit of a chore these days, so keeping it to one just keeps things simple.

Onto a down note, i regret to inform that recently a friend of mine passed away. I work in Retail in an Art store where i met Paul Amos, a UK rep from Pentel who handles the product orders specifically for that company. He was a delightful and enthusiastic chap to approach and talk to and certainly gave a good face to Pentel. As i normally use their products, In particular he introduced me personally to some good deals from them, including the the AIN leads for 0.5 mech pencils, the Waterbrush and the Pentel Pocket Brush pen, all of which have been invaluable to my artwork over the years. Paul has certainly been a big help.

When Paul last visited around June time, and he was on crutches. I found out that he had received chemotherapy relating to Cancer. You really wouldn't have noticed it beforehand as he was still coming to work fit as a fiddle. He was recovering quite well and more than willing to get back to business. Unfortunately, the vigor didn't last long. Not only did the cancer come back, it spread into his liver and he deteriorated quickly. Within a week he was on his deathbed and passed away on the 22nd of August. The last bit of comfort that he took with him to the end was knowing that his 2nd granddaughter had been born several days before his passing. 

So it's quite sad that, and I think I'll have a mention of his memory in the upcoming book. Rest in peace Paul. I'll make sure my Brush Pen will always find its mark.

And on another stroke of ill news. The online store UKonDisplay is now down until further notice (probably much further at this rate). Currently I'm between online retailers at the moment and may go back to using Lulu and amazon. In the meantime, however, I do still get my work printed by UKomix, and I'm willing to part with copies normally reserved for conventions. I mean why not?

So if you're interested in a copy its best to note me or email at and I'll fill you in on paypal details. The price of the books are as follows

Genma Visage Book 1:  8.50
Genma Visage Book 2:  7.50
Genma Visage Book 3:  8.50
1 to 3:  22
Postage: between 1 to 4 depending on quantity and destination from the UK.

That's mainly it for now. In additional news, I will also be attending the London MCM this October. So far it has been a very good year for conventions and i wish to thank everyone again for making this true. I will keep up the work for future conventions to come.

Best wishes - TomT

London Film and Comic Con July 2015

Ahoy boys and girls. That time of the year and one of my favourite cons to do. This weekend from Friday onwards you'll catch me in the Olympia London giving this convention shtick a bloody good go, and I'll be bringing some interesting robes to bear as well!

Book 0 part 2 is just about done by the way, but it won't be available for this convention, and while it won't be officially available for a short bit, I am offering a PreOrder service for attendees who will receive their copy sooner roughly in the first or second week of August. Previews will otherwise be there for viewing on my table, and i shall be unveiling the up and coming villians in detail as well.

Scotland MCM is Definitely booked, and it is my ambition to do the London MCM in october plus the LFCC Winter.

Will see you all there! Best wishes -TomT

Funny Books:

Genma Visage Book 1: 8.50
Genma Visage Book 2: 7.50
Genma Visage Book 3: 8.50
1 to 3: 22

Pending arrival and Pricing.

Commissions (per one character):

Bog standard sketch: 7
B&W Pencil \ Ink drawing: 12
Colour Ink \ Paints drawing: 20

Extra B&W character within picture: 7
Extra Colour character within picture: 12

21/05/15: London MCM Expo May 2015

Yup, one of those times of the year is now upon us, in which you shall see me exhibiting there at the Excel centre. Admittedly it is going to be something of a quiet adventure for me this time around all things considered, as I am really pooling my energies into the shows in the Summer and conventions beyond, as that's when the new books will be out touch wood. Unfortunately, save for the last few copies that i have on me personally, I've had to take Book 0 part 1 off the menu for the time being, as it is going under an upgrade in preparations for Part 2 being released (which by the way is just having the text added as we speak). It'll be back in full near about the time part 2 comes out plus the unnamed project gets released as well. Preview pages of the upcoming works will be visible throughout the weekend.

It's highly Ironic that i say "quiet adventure" as i think this is going to the biggest MCM London to date! Starting as early as Friday morning (normally starts in the evening on Fridays), we're expecting to have about 100,000+ people attending throughout those 3 days. They've moved the halls now into the larger one at the Excel. On walking pace alone it's about 5 minutes to get from one side of the hall to the next, and that's even without crowds of people to plough through. If commissions take off for me this weekend, methinks it'll truly put me through my paces. Better get the kettle on and the Loo bucket ready!

Beyond MCM, the
London Film and Comic Con 2015 has been booked again this Mid July . Heading back to the Olympia, i always have a good time at this place, and would love to have a result there.

Further conventions such as Scotland MCM in September are on the agenda. So stay tuned for news of that!

Current prices are as follows.

Funny Books:

Genma Visage Book 1: 8.50
Genma Visage Book 2: 7.50
Genma Visage Book 3: 8.50
Genma Visage Book 0 Part 1: 8.50
1 to 3: 22
All 4: 27

Commissions (per one character)

Bog standard sketch: 7
B&W Pencil \ Ink drawing: 12
Colour Ink \ Paints drawing: 20

Extra B&W character within picture: 7
Extra Colour character within picture: 12

22/02/15: My next two Conventions have been confirmed. Next week i shall be attending the Alternate Press fair at the Birds Cage on the 28th of Feb (was very short notice i will admit!). This May i will be heading off to the London MCM Expo at the Excel Center on the dates spanning from the 22nd to the 24th of May; a proper 3 day event as opposed to 2 and half this time round!

I also have my eye on the London Film and Comic this July as well as the Scotland MCM at the end of September. For the latter, i will not be travelling as Genma Visage, but will be forming a mega table with my fellow cartoonists up in Glasgow. It should be a real treat!

Otherwise, the Opening of the Mouth cerem...I mean Book 0 Part 2 along with a few other bits and bobs will be available at an unconfirmed Summer date. Oh yes.

22/01/15: Just to let you know, whilst has been the address for a good year now, the previous domain link (which forwarded you to the former) has expired and is no longer active. Update your bookmarks as need be, Ladies and Gents.

11/01/15: Hello Hello folks, and a special hello to all the new watchers on the account of the Bart Vs Homer favourite. any cheers for your support there. :)

For those new to my work, I am Thomas Tuke and I Illustrate artwork plus draw and write comics for a living. I've got tricks up sleeve in animation as well, and I'm an ambitious little bugger who wants to work in the industry. My signature work and company backbone is my series Genma Visage, an Action Horror comic that blends Oriental mysticism with Scifi-Frankenstein Demonology, and includes badass monster heroes, horrific psychic mutants, lovely ladies and a Lesbian-obsessed hobo. Apparently it's pretty good, but you'll also know me for my fun take on other peoples characters as well.

I'm not always dependent on Blogs and journals these days by the way, as I like backing up my words with deeds before anything else (i.e. I'm a workaholic). If anything my uploaded artwork on here and photos of my conventions on the Facebook group is my equivalent of a blog as that includes summaries of my experiences and work process. Otherwise my journals maybe a bit quiet from time to time unless I'm going to a convention or when I've got a new book out. Still, by all means talk to me by email or messaging and I'll be all ears for conversation. :)

Before I continue onto my plans for this year, I do believe there's an Itch I've needed to scratch for a while. Like, how did the London Mcm October 2014 go? It was alright all things considered. It hasn't been the best year for conventions admittedly, but this one was a more than cheerful one to end the season with. I met a few regulars who have been returning to my table for the last few years. For extra laughs as well I had adorned the Corpsepaint look again and got a few photos taken with
some fellow vikings as well. Special thanks again to Tim for the tribute beer. :D ALSO, a big round of applause for Amanda who reviewed my work and not only was nice enough to give me the thumbs up but also saw fit to send some Home-Made Jam through the post as well. It was very nice and I wish her all the best for her teaching ventures in 2015 as well. :)

Onto a slightly down note. As a whole what was 2014 like? Certainly not the worst as I've so far detailed, but a bit of meh in several areas, and that's what everyone seems to be saying. On my behalf, X number of your favourite celebrities passed away (too young), the improvement \ revision processes has been as painful and time consuming as you can expect, my favourite pub got knocked down and moved to a swamp in the middle of nowhere, and sadly, I'm minus a family pet rabbit who moved on last September.
Though Conventions could have been better, I do want to thank again those who cheered me up and supported me throughout. But the Convention scene is changing nevertheless which is effecting the small press scene, and since I've had some unavoidable responsibilities at the time, unfortunately I couldn't have changed with it, so I feel a bit left out. The petrifying fear I've repeatedly faced in 2014 is whether or not everything I've done to date, past, childhood and present has been worth it and has a place in this new world. Of course, that's no way to look at your destiny, but it's been a fight in places to tell yourself it's worth it, normally a fight that you win when you shut up the interior monologue and make accomplished work a reality. Such is life.

I think things perked up a bit by Halloween time though. With 2014 out of the way I suppose mentally I've been restored with a small measure of vigour to take on another year, partly with the excitement that there will be new things on their way. To start off 2015, I've gone and done the most macho thing imaginable; Picked a Cage Fight with the Common Cold. Hoohah!

So, my Plans for 2015? Conventions may be more laxer this year as I ponder on my plans a bit. Concurring with what I said on my previous post, each one has got to count, whichever I do. I dare say my moves will be more strategic, certainly to coincide with potential new releases throughout.

Speaking of which, regarding the new books, I do have a significant confession to make. Don't worry, I'm still working on them of course. However what you have to understand is that there is a "done when its done" policy to what I do as a self publisher and I believe I've suffered numerous times for rushing into things. Not that I haven't forgiven myself or anything, as I've learnt a lot that way too. To give you an idea of what I mean, 10 odd years ago when I was ambitious and impatient I may have boasted I was going to do this, that and the other and this was from a very "fly by the seat of your pants" perspective that had little planning ahead. These days I like to think, though I'm not perfect, the impatience as been curbed, and whilst the ambition is still there and remains materialistic, the goals as it were (e.g. ideas for projects) has certainly gone through a lot of discipline. I think this is because my best ideas and aspirations are not over-night successes, were not down to a lightning bolt hitting me during an alcohol or caffeine induced stupor, and it isn't just about exploring uncharted territory. The truth is the best works, in my view, are the ones that grow, that take time to evolve and emerge through trial, error and the interaction with the world around you. It's only then that can you give your work the justice of an honest humanity.

That's the idea anyway, and that's why I don't just go head over heels to rush a book out these days. If you're interested on the situation of the current projects in the works though (highly subject to change or \ and time), the details are as follows.

Genma Visage Book 0 part 2: The drama unfolds in the Epidemic as secrets from Seker's past reveal themselves, and take their horrible toll.
Progress: A few more pages to do, then the lettering and covers is left.

Genma Visage Book 0 part 1 expanded: Basically an assortment of Bonus pages to part 1, including short tales surrounding Mantaklaw and Seker.
Progress: Will start soon.

Genma Visage Book 0 part 3: The final chapter of the Masked Crazie scenario and the revelations behind the Bognor Regis rehab revealed.
Progress: In its final Draft. Will start soon.

Genma Visage - The Grail Incident (Pending name): Based on the animated pilot and certain short stories in Genma Visage, this title will take the reader to this time, revealing more on Grail himself as well as the before and after of Tanya Azpiris transformation.
Progress: Currently being redrafted and designing new content.

Genma Visage Books 4 and 5 (likely to be renamed for self contained reasons): The endgame scenario regarding the Charon Virus outbreak in Los Rokuma and Ryuken's overdue Battle with Jacobi himself.
Progress: Hinging towards the final drafts. I'm contemplating knocking two into One but it'll be tricky as there is a good few questions at the end of Book 3 that need answering, which will require more pages.

Collected Comic Madness (working name): A collection of short comics and funnies done over the years, including a summary of the work done on the Tytronitek incident (also known as Shin Project A-ko to some). The main character will be everyone's favourite Maud Lesgov, and this title will involve some new shenanigans on her behalf.
Progress: I want to do one more short story to make this a self contained book. I don't have enough juice to continue this for an ongoing series. While I can keep the idea open of course, i won't be doing another for the foreseeable future unless this book takes off like wildfire.

Pagan Leers (working name): Sexy Fantasy adventure tale about ghosts from Earth's long history reincarnating on an Oriental world populated by the Ancient Ghul, a land ripe with Sorcery and Spiritual clairvoyance.
Progress: Drafting a plot and planning the art style. It has more ideas going for it for a series compared to CCM but I'll start off with a standalone first.

That's all for now. Here's hoping everyone makes 2015 a thumping good one. Many cheers.

Your Buddy
Thomas Tuke 2015. X X X X

24/10/14: London MCM Expo October 2014

At the Excel Centre London, in the Comic Village you'll find me at table M12. It's gonna be my last convention until May next year, give or take. I possibly might do a Zine fair before then but we'll see.

I apologise that i haven't got any new books out. I feel the current stuff in the works cannot be rushed, and I'm determined to learn a few things as well as deliver the goods. Touchwood, I intend to make 2015 a prosperous year for books. There's more details to come, but for those coming to my table at this one, feel free to request for a look at my works in progress for the upcoming Book 0 Part 2 and a Maud related venture as well.

Cheers to all the people who have helped and supported me so far both this year and all the years before, and many thanks upfront to those making the trip to my table for this weekend.

Best Wishes -TomT

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.