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So your bravery has brought you this far...Witness from the depths of London Underground
a Comic Art and Illustration website of intense horror-themed proportions!

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For millennia, Earth and Planet Shuromij have been plagued by Psychic monsters from Otherworldly Dimensions. Worst of all, most of them are Man-Made! Hungry for power, the once-hailed Occult order of Nishin Genma was secretly playing God, creating the same extra-sensory creatures they swore to fight which threaten the galaxy itself.

But standing his ground against such a blasphemous legacy is a former Nishin Genma disciple reborn as a Mutant Demigod through Baptism in the Black Fires of Hades itself. He is Ryuken Kage, the sole survivor of their ultimate weapon program, the Genma Visage!

In their wicked experiments, his former masters sought to find the Cure. They created only a Disease. Now Ryuken will stop it Spreading!

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If it wasn't for insightful updates listed on artworks across my social media platforms, you'd think I've left you all in the dark! I have, by the way, poured LOADS of stuff to the gallery since my last website newsreel. including more of the university archive stuff which is a topic in itself. I'm having a bit of humming and arring about how to consider that one newsworthy in the future.

So anyways! A whole caboodle of news, so grab your tea, biccies, pint of Guinness, or whichever and saddle up.

Firstly, business before pleasure. Due to Royal Mail \ DHL throwing problematic curves, and with Paypal in the common trend of vanity website design, I had to downgrade. For individual copies from personal stock, I've gone back to the email platform, meaning you'll have to drop me a quick line to discuss a quote, shipping costs and payment. It's for the best for now. I previously had an "add to cart" button on the page which I wanted to edit to calculate individual shipping fees for any part of the world. Whether it's an account issue or the aforementioned update where streamlining actually strips away features, Paypal currently won't let me do it. The problem can resolve itself over night, mind, be it Etsy, Ebay or function that needs activating on Paypal. I'm open to suggestions, but I'll look before I leap.

I am considering enabling Amazon Kindle to print copies on demand for readers. Give or take service or quality, this will be the basic option for those just wanting a simple comic in their hand to read when personal stocks are out. For the extra glamour of print prestige, including stretch goals and more, I'll be looking into the crowdfunding route. Whether or not future conventions \ signings spurs me to get more printed prior, we shall see. Hold that thought.

Despite the above, I'll still be using Paypal for transactions. In fact, I've decided to forego Patreon in favour of a Paypal tip jar. The links have been updated accordingly. Whatever you wish to spare to help this codger on his journey, I'll be most grateful. If its actual artwork you require, naturally please seek the commission service.

Now, onto pleasure, and man, I've had some laughs.

On the 9th January I had a royal blast on the
CGUK Video podcast! Joined by host Aria Black, Rob Price and Justin Knight, I discussed my Comicon days, the Mafia running art schools, pigeons with toilet paper of all things, and of course, snippets of Genma Visage plus works in progress on Dakini Lust. You can watch the show here and be sure to check out their links in the Vid to see all these great creations they're conjuring up.

Further battle plans ahoy were ahoy! Early February, I journeyed to Sunny Glasgow on an Art Trip to see my Team Squid Comrades in Arms, Curt Sibling and Chaos Alexander, who are doing chipper with plenty to show. After another good ol' tour of the capital recanting many fun stories about giant frogs, at H.Q we discussed comic projects to be unveiled and proclaimed throughout the year. Mark our words! Our grasp will stretch far and wide!

On Thursday 16th February, a motley crew of diabolical scoundrels haunted England's South West Coast. Their mission: pure comic book mayhem and the nosh of good-living, and as tradition states, no Wetherspoons will be left un-ransacked. On point, I voyaged to Bristol's Watershed to meet
Charlie's London & the gang at the most intriguing Slapstick Festival. Very insightful, covering Charlie Chaplin's life, to which one can look forward to both future shows and further volumes scripted by the charmingly cockney Ayse Fennelly. Holding volume 1 in my hand, between its art and historical narrative, I can assure you that this gem is a must have for any U.K. Comic collector. If a link of the show props up I'll post it. I certainly had lots of fun meeting these chaps at last!

Further note: Mary Boys by creator Karl "Chubb" Stephan.
Get it now! Teenage Mutant Templar Quadruplets get smashed and wreck corporate big cats across a backward town. Stellar Indie Comic fun with much needed industry satire!

I was on further shows over the month. If you're looking for chillout streams as you do the dishes look no further. I'll let my kind hosts cover their own disclaimers. :P The first up is the POST-POST CGUK meet up recap. The 1st post CGUK meet up recap I only acted as chat commentator on, so Aria's show allowed me to chuck in my 2p on the day, give or take a few connection difficulties.

We otherwise go through the normal chortles on the CG Bargain Bin, and I wasn't expecting to talk much about my work that night. I did however announce the final name of the novella collection in the works, a.k.a The lore stories.
Known as "The Echidna Hymn" there'll be no talk on fast hedgehogs and bats with big tits, but instead it'll be a history driven saga rolled into one book. Set just before the comic itself, the world of Shuromij is fleshed out more than ever in the aftermath of Nishin Genma's downfall. Our heroes uncover how certain benefactors dabbled in that Order's discoveries, and how they've ran amok with it other the years. Expect dark tales that don't mince words!

And then Part 2! Just a fun one this time as we give Rob his birthday beats. Enjoy!

Big thanks to all parties for having me aboard. Anyone needing me for Video podcasts let me know! While not dead, the Youtube channel is on a measure of hiatus until a service for viewers can be provided. I'll gauge all applicable suggestions, but while unofficial you'll likely catch me haunting the CGUK Bargain Bin every Monday.

And finally, a bit of history. Cleaning the house, going through my belongings, digging out London Underground comics from my then peers, a precise fact was unearthed in the fog of my mind.

It's been 15 years since my very first convention, back at the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing 2008 in Miles End.

The usual disclaimer of thanking each and everyone who has helped the journey, the outlook on how far I've come, the wonders of the day, the ambitions for the future, all that is relevant, especially the thank yous.

Honestly though, I just feel robbed for words at this present moment. It's a different world now, and whether conventions have an intermediate part in it, I can't tell. That's all I can say.

I'll reaffirm gratitude for what I have. Closing on a high note, The Echidna Hymn and Dakini Lust is going swimmingly.

Links to my fellow creators here. Please support their Hard Work.

Rob G Price
Aria Black
Justin "BurntScribe" Knight
Ayse Fennelly & Charlie's London
Karl Stephans and Mrs Chubbs
Peter Gilmore
Commie Mark
Graphic Goose
Bristolian Dave
And of course as always!
Curt Sibling and John Alexander!

Thank you for reading. Peace and love x x x -Tuke


Ayup guys. What's up?
I've had another bout of internet detox as I meditate on friends not with us and future ventures from here on out. To be frank, I'm otherwise glad I didn't bother with MCM this Autumn. It looks even more fruitless since my last outing in 2019. I might still contemplate a Zine fair next Spring for pure fun and to connect with old roots, however.

To the highlights, what I have splashed the cash on was the catchup voyage to my Brother's family in Canada, who are doing tremendously well right now and I offer my sincere thanks to them for being such wonderful hosts. There was a few inevitable tears upon the reunion and what I call "Circle of Life" moments. I met my budding tiger cub nephew Edison, born last June, and I saw how my mischievous Niece Cordelia was keeping. Oh boy, I was already sad the next day after landing upon the prospect of going back home.

Nevertheless, we have a young artist and writer on our hands that put me through marching orders to scribble her many a monkey, tiger or portrait with colouring materials. I'm most proud of Cordelia's progress and here's to many more masterpieces to come!

My own updates are otherwise around the corner. Peace, and hug your loved ones closely for me, guys. -TomT


International Small Press Day came and went in U.K. No mention of Genma Visage I saw, so I thought we'll fix that! The disclosed image draws attention to my designs that you'll find in my Merch Store. They are the Totem tier images of Jungle Witch, Biodemon, Youkai and Demigod. Be it a t-shirt or a mug, I do my part to keep the spirit of the Indies alive in the craft we toil over through thick and thin.

Up and onwards, as of last July, 10 years has past since I first published Genma Visage, and man, what a decade. Next year it will be 15 years since I first did conventions starting out with Smallpress photocopying and a song in my heart. For sure, a Colossal amount of micromanaging between real life and barbed hurdles to jump over has added tribulations to the journey. I am still, however, proud of singlehandedly taking sole responsibility to create a body of work that has brought joy to others and given me a legacy to be proud of against the nukes.

On a recent note in all honesty, I was originally going to give a manifesto so long it could crush a commie, all about what I've been up to in real life over the last 3 less-than-sunny years. I've since decided to bury the hatchet on such matters that have come and gone during that time. To paraphrase Stalin, Credibility is like Weapons; you're not going to give weapons to your adversaries, so why give them credit? All I ask is, don't lecture me about emotional strength.

The Life clock is ticking and my career's growing. From the bottom of my chest organs I thank everyone who has helped along the way and I wish you the best merriment for your endeavours too. And to the naysayers? Well, unlucky for you then that I'm not dying anytime soon.

So what of Genma Visage and Dakini Lust themselves? Still scripting, still working, still more to come, and the products forged out of adventure and Iron Will shall promise an extraordinary product that will one day land in your hand. You'll be sure to like it.

P.s. More to come on an animation-related commission due out later this year, so another 2 fingers to anyone who says I don't have professional experience.


Excitement's ahoy and here you have it. We now have a Patreon!

To think, donkey years ago out of working-class honour, I would have poo-pooed the idea of crowdfunding, yet here I am starting off with a cocky bang for my account summary. Bold, arrogant and a sure sign of Dunning Krueger syndrome? Well, you bet it is, but a good man once said, better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I've seen far too many people give up the career ghost over the years, and I'm still burning with far too much ambition to follow en suite.

While my Patreon is not obligatory, spreading the word of this Service will be of great help. Incentives will indeed be provided for Patrons and I'll lend open ears to good suggestions as I continue to grow this channel. My Patreon will only include my creator-owned material of Genma and Dakini but consider this. The bigger my channel grows, the more time I can commit, the more I can provide freebees on the regular galleries of my whole network, and better still upon reaching targets, the more I can take it to the next level with what can be offered.

Currently there's a 3 tier system for the Patreon, with the 3rd one "Demigod" being the most prominent. What makes this tier vibrant besides intermediate Bikini hotties is that not only will the E-Books of Genma Visage available on this, Demigod will offer Insider WIPs, sketches and scripts of future comics to be available, in likelihood, complete with lettering. Effectively this Patreon is a subscription webcomic that can adapt on demand from feedback. Additionally the emblem for a higher tier "Jungle Witch" has already been conceived. The results on the other tiers will decide what Jungle Witch offer in the future, but I predict it'll likely be reserved for Erotic art of tasteful sauciness, Patreon Unique comic series, potential animations and more. I look forward to the adventure!

So curb your cutting cynicism, Mr-Backseat-Critic, and don't fluster like you haven't got dosh when you're stealthily walking off with a pricey PS5. I'm here to make you a deal that'll make your life easier. Sign up today!

Additional note: Originally I was going to upload the current batch for each tier in one fell swoop, but instead I'll be doing it gradually and frequently so that I can ring a frequent bell on Facebook.


To quote one reviewer, I have indeed been a busy bee, and by bee, read bastard. I hope it shows in this youtube video, in which I rekindled old circuits in my memories of video editing, not to mention I've been learning a new program from scratch. Overall I think my initiative has paid off, and plus, as you can see, I have a new emblem based on my old skull mask!

In case you haven't check out the video, please do! I've also exported a quicker intro of the above for shorter videos in the future.

What I might add is that I've been considering doing videos with shout-outs to fellow independent creators if they would like to show me their work, along with streams with voice chats with my discord buddies. It's early days but variety is the spice of life!

The update rate of streams will be sporadic, but I aim to do them regularly on weekends, or perhaps just have a silent musical scribble whenever I have Clip Studio up. If you're watching Youtube on your phone, when you subscribe you'll get notifications of when I've uploaded, started and finished a video stream to keep you in the loop.

I'll be continuing my News updates tomorrow, but to give you a heads up, I am pleased to announce that I now have a Patreon as I promised for a while. Tiers and content will be uploaded tomorrow. -Thomas Tuke


Eyup! I'm a busy beaver, but I know about buzzing memes. I'm a Comic artist, after all. Better yet, this Comic Artist brought Christmas home early!
For this scorching season, we have great new designs exclusively for the
Merchandise Store. The T-shirt range includes art from the Genma Visage Book 0 galleries, but adding those special cherries and icing on the cake we now have unique Monster face masks based on the Genma Visage Cast, perfect for standing out in Comicons and scaring the elderly at the market!
Whether it's spray-painting, health and safety, global pandemics or you're just plain shaking over that purple elephant, strut those streets with prestige from the maleborge by grabbing a face-wear today!

More Shirts will be available in August. I'm also looking into getting my wares available on other apparel sites like Teespring, CafePress and more. Will there be more masks of the other monsters? Punch that Like button and drop your feedback (via email) this second. Plus, if you want me to design a mask for you personally or commercially, the burning embers from my tablet pen are reading to set the trail blazing!

More news to come. Peace to all my friends! ;D


The Good news; I've cleaned the gallery page, created 5 new sections and updated the others, adding up to 250 images across the website. The baffling news is, well, the new gallery's content is pretty old.

Slaying my inner demons, I've uploaded work from my university years and previous Deviantart account onto my website, which was a few flavours of trouble. Ask an artist off the street about their old artwork and you'll probably get rolling eyes, disgruntled groans, and volumes of personal, legit, and sentimental reasons for why their earlier achievements aren't up to scratch, normally boiling down to "being a youngster sucks."

Likewise, before the common Portfolio-Gestapo, we're keener to focus on recent feats that showcase variety, and many might agree that nostalgia, to distinguish it from the past, stunts growth. Despite this, under the constant tease and encouragement of chums, I yielded when I placed more forgiving eyes on certain pieces. Sure, I can give these plenty of critique, but now they're online again, I at least appreciate the initial energy that went into them and the groundwork of a growing identity. It would be an insult to myself if I buried these pieces indefinitely and pretended they didn't happen.

Mind you, I won't necessarily blow smoke on the quality, and of my entire archives, these are the best, most relevant or most gossiped about in their time. Not included are the rushed clickbait you'd expect from a teenager first discovering social media and becoming hungry for page views and dopamine hits. Still, said clickbait can be considered the lead up towards progress, and if you fancy a chortle over what I produced, check these galleries out. I'll try not to get triggered if you say I've become a worse artist since then. ;P

Ironically, along with early designs, the Animation Artbook and the Tytronitek City saga are marked episodes in Genma Visage's continuity, the latter's place at least established much later. The above in-joke regarding Shiki's past design and subsequent angel wings does allow a sad sigh on how integrated characters get treated in the Genma universe. Nevertheless, I'll enjoy entertaining the idea of returning to these sagas in due course.

Further big announcements will be made over the coming days. x x TomT


After the recent presumed burial of an Intergalactic Saurian Overlord, Londoners across the capital have since gone out to find a Mayor to point the finger at the next time a rogue Bobby wrecks some protester. Since elections boil down to which Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain wants to screw you least, I figured "Hey, Mantaklaw should do the job!" For a bloke on the wrong side of the law, he must have the people's best interests in mind or at least wants to get my favourite museums prospering again.

To slap my wrist and regain my focus, since my last news Post in January I have kept busy with Art uploads, each with insights. To lay down the bullet points of what's happened, here it goes:
. I did an art stream on Youtube at long last in February. It was briefly thwarted by YT's music moderation due to Copyright, but I substituted my extreme metal playlist in favour YT's stock. I don't think that's bad at the moment and I have considered experimenting and mixing the stock tracks so that the Mods don't have all the fun. There's nothing to say that I won't continue doing short streams on Instagram with a playlist on.
. I did record a 20 minute video a few weeks back during one of my walks. I discussed my plans and broke the ice about my choice of art materials. Part of my idea, to start off with, was to do videos of me telling stories, experiences and ideas while hanging around points of interest (e.g. museums). I don't just want videos in my work area. Once I get past the gag reflex of seeing myself as some goof on camera, I'd like to upload it and take the bull by the horns, with an intro and outro vid of course.
. New Products are in the works for Redbubble. Saying no more. Just wait and see. It will be delightful.
. I've been working Patreon exclusive art and a tier list has been planned. I'm adding the icing on the cake of the last few now.

While I'm not a perfectionist, I'm at least an economist. I like to keep releases organised and localised to stand out greater. Patreon and Youtube will benefit each other in the coming days, and upon laying down the foundations, I look forward to growing them both based on feedback and ventures. With the cornerstones of my business laid out, I also want to continue comic production afterwards. The highest tier of my Patreon will not only offer digital copies of my current library but also work in progress of the entirety of new books. It'll effectively be a paid webcomic service. Printed versions of the books will still be on the cards especially for the incentive glamour in the print process (e.g. Hard cover with silver gloss?). So good times!

Lastly I'd like to give a special shout out to
Stephen Silver's podcast that I tuned into while I was working on this artwork. I stayed up to 4 in the morning to listen to a great video as he asked many a live student on the Zoom stream about their biggest fears and gripes. A truly motivating guy and I highly recommend him.

Hope to see you all at the end of this trip! xxx -Tuke


Last week we ejected the Oompa-Loompa Emperor in favour of another Democrat Facsimile who, to his credit, has donkey years more experience. You know what they say about old men in professions where people die young. You may gather that I don't adhere to trivialised images of Good vs Evil found in the Media's canned chatter, regardless of brand, label or sponsor. Still, I look at the bright side of life, that's what's important.
Onto a happier note, imagine my delight to find a chipper review in my inbox for the Genma Visage series courtesy of the Zak Webber's Scifi Comic Nexus. I've mentioned this before but while I'm on a roll, I did get thumbs up and fair commentary of earlier editions of my work back in 2015 from the Indie Graphic Novels group. Be sure to check out both of these interesting reads.
To give equal due shout outs, check out both of their works and practises in the links below along with the reviews of many other up and coming Indies, particularly Paul Schmitt's Roach series that offers much charm in tales of imperial Insect kingdoms.
SCIFI Comic Nexus
Roaches: A Graphic Novel
Overall, progress is trotting along nicely. I've got 2 more industry satire pics on the way before I get back to the real deal. Face Masks are first on my list for new merch. As previously mentioned a Patreon setup is in order for those interested in an exclusive outlet. A tier system is being planned, but I may start with a single unique tier and proceed to add higher tiers of cost based on experience, demand and what could viably be offered over time. I leave it to you, dear reader.
Lastly, there's the delicate issue of conventions.
It's up in the air if such outings will be a priority as before. I received a sweet email recently about MCM's plans to reopen this fall in London, sadly no Scotland however. The MCM group has always accommodated me fairly, more so than others, yet my business model is changing. Table costs are rising, and despite extra promotion conventioneers here just seem to have other priorities. Something has to give.
MCM has been exciting to see and visit but economically, it has to be worth my while to consider it further. Failing that, I'll change my business to a sushi-noodle-POP!-figurine hybrid to fit in.


New Year and Seasonal Greetings, Guys! I know I'm running a bit late, but you can't say I haven't treated you well otherwise.

Bringing a few out there up to speed, the Genma Visage\ Tukeworks Productions store is now up and running. Some of the most iconic art from the series is now available in the formats of T-shirts, Prints, Masks and more on the outpost of Redbubble, with ambitions to include Merch unique items for purchase in the near future as well.

In addition, over the last few months, the wheels of progress have turned for my side project of oriental wonder, covering greater ground on plot and design. Originally a spoof of a certain First-Person Shooter with Satanic imagery, Lust of the Dakini broke away from its parody roots in favour of a broader palette to work with. After years of chucking paints on the canvas and watching the bigger picture emerge, I've been happy for some time in the direction that I'm heading and ready to take the project to the next stage.

I'll be aiming to have a finished script complete by mid-spring, assuming not too many monkey wrenches get thrown into the program. Thereafter, the artwork will begin, and this may in fact be TukeWork's first full-colour comic. Between the two titles, Genma Visage and Lust of the Dakini look set to offer the Comicons more than enough excitement and failing that, take on the crowdfunding scene of Indie Comics blazing.

Disclosed is a selection of my recent Ink concept illustrations for the project, demonstrating an opportunistic focus for fantasy adventure.

For exclusive arts updates, Patreon will be taking shape in the coming months. I have ideas on what to provide but I'm open to suggestions on what people would like to see on such an outing. Just let me know what you think!

I offer my kindest regards, and I'm available for all queries and requests.



Hey-Hey, guys. Hope I didn't keep you waiting, what with the Crimbo preparations and the occasional brush with Mr COVID (the common cold at least).

I'm delighted to bring to your attention that the
Official Online Store of TukeWorks Productions is now open courtesy of the RedBubble outlet. Here you'll find my prize designs including the interiors of the Genma Visage Books themselves sprawled across fantastic, if not spooktastic, merchandise, and by that I don't just mean the T-shirts. With RedBubble's system, Prints, Phone covers, Coffee mats, mugs, and dare I say Facemasks with my pulse-pounding artwork are available for purchase. Order today to spice up your eggnog this Christmas and or make the bold plans to start 2021 with Kabang!

Continuing on, there will be T-Shirt and Facemask-specific designs available in soon due course. I'm looking forward to showing the Emperor's new clothes at the next potential convention in 2021, which is apparently going to be a thing again assuming the government's cooperation and taking the purple elephant out of the equation. Whether this is the case, I do have some resources out there to produce some personalised swag that I can issue out personally on demand, the exclusivity of which I'll be sure to enrich. Quite possibly as well, I may enlist and upload my designs to other merch sites for a further reach of connection. In the future, I may anticipate all printing being done on an in-house basis exclusive to TukeWorks Productions, aiming for a high notch indeed.

As it stands I've laid down the core basics of my business plan on the table, bringing some of it from next year's plans at least. Until the day I'll be upping my game into other avenues, be it gaming, animation etc. I'll be focusing full-throttle on advertising and creating new work, particularly for Crowdfunding and Patreon ventures that will follow. 2020 has not exactly been everyone's favourite year, but ever the stalwart against adversity, my own steel toe cap Dr Martins are ready to kick further obstacles right in the particulars.

Looking ahead, I'm aiming to have my seasonal Yule tidings picture or two up by the 25th. Until then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and splendid new year. Here's to making it a good one!


Righty-Ho! It's been ages since a good'ol news update besides the info in uploads on D.A. and Facebook.
First up: you may recall my registration for the New York x MCM Metaverse. Well, it turns out it came and went, almost without me knowing, with no follow-up email. I only clocked this by a chance google search. But yes, the organisers were kind enough to promote my site and wares on the Exhibitor section. However, it was just a link and description only and not (yet) the potential Zoom convention that I had envisioned. Video Podcasts were naturally prioritised for mainstream celebrities. Still, it's better than a kick in the head, and I would like to try other events in the future. If you're a new fan who's chased me up through the Metaverse, hello and welcome!

Layout changes have been made to the website. The social media buttons are more pronounced for the benefit of phones and tablets. I intend to fill the left menu bar with links and bonus ads in the future. The animated GIF at the top right highlighting the Hot Sales Item brings me to another prudent change; how to order products.
Now customers can pay directly through a Paypal button which rings my bell when each sale is made. Shipping out all printed books myself, originally I had an "email barter" system where customers mailed me personally asking for what they want and transfer the money. The idea was for me to give them a price based on destination. Upon observing crowd-funded models, I realised clients are less bothered about postage costs, so I decided to have a flat
£5 charge on a Paypal sale, which is usually the price for shipping at the post office anyway. It may go up, may go down, but I'd say it offers a more welcoming sales interface rather than the email route which may have worried customers about "facing the dragon", so to speak.

Speaking of swords and sorcery, I hear we have a new Court Jester in the White House, but while everyone else was putting their faith in politics, I was doing research for my next book! Tickling my sweet tooth for info, I recently delved deep into Tantric lore and history, my attention arrested by statured couples making ancient whoopee. So much so that I've decided to rename a certain side project of oriental wonder.
After a tough call on shortlisted names I feel the new title, Lust of the Dakini best suits the story I want to tell, particularly with the fierce, lusty aspects of the mythological deities in question. With over 9 years development, such changes aren't new, but although it's a fantasy story with loose references, much of the influence at present leans towards Indus folklore, so why not streamline aspects in that direction? I'm insisting the character names will stay the same though. The creative history of LOTD is a tale for another day, but not being wasteful, "Marid" will be used for a future character.

As revealed in my recorded videos on my social media, I have many sketches and Ink drawings for both projects scanned and ready for viewing, the latter of which I'd like to colour in. I've got the software for Youtube now, giving room for testing. I have considered Twitch and Picarto as well, yet, my favoured channels are on youtube, and I intend to howl like a monkey at their doors for a spot in their shows. Additionally, my Youtube or Patreon may lean on what the masses have to say, unless of course said masses are cool with me going freestyle!
Finally, a store for T-shirts and Prints; It's going to be a thing, folks! I've registered with a few sites and I'm aiming to have products up hopefully by the 1st week of December, in time to get the Crimbo shenanigans going!
Until next time, I'm available for work, available for conventions \ podcasts \ interviews etc and I jolly hope you keep well. Newbies, if you haven't grabbed a book, GRAB IT NOW! It'll score you more birds than Baby Yoda Dolls. -Tuke


I've been a chatty chap for sure as of late!

I have been recently swapping words with none other than Chris Braly of alternate Comic News and Media Site Bleeding Fool, who offered me a spotlight in an Indie article on their site to which I complied. I quickly knocked this picture out for my site and media accounts. I'll admit I'm blowing a bit of smoke, but more importantly I wanted to blow the cobwebs from my Newsreel, and what better way to do so than Firebrand on and on about my experience in comics, the creation process and influences.

Shoutouts to familiar names including my compadre Curt Sibling are also abundant. Of course, because I'm 3rd one down, I don't mind insisting that you have a good glance as well at fellow Indie creators Nicholas Mueller and Roland Mann who offer most useful info on their delightful works, life stories and insights into crowdfunding. I'm chasing these guys up as we speak. Raise your fist in the air and celebrate the Indies, the future of the Comic Industry!


First up, as you can see, I'm going to be keep routinely adding a picture to the newsreel to make the future articles and minor updates more appealing to look at.

Above is a little something I worked on when submitting for the potential E-Virtual Convention scheme for this October from Reed Pop a.k.a the chaps who run MCM Expo, in coalition with the New York Comicon. Not much, but nevertheless, a mish-mash of different art pieces in the comic. I might have a go with alternatives such as the Book 0 part 2 unique emblem.

Sorry that I haven't been able to get much finished pieces out lately. I've got a pile lined up along with other ideas in the pipeline so I am productive. My Facebook and Instagram have showcased some of my sketches. Otherwise, I've mostly been working on marketing and networking duties as of the past few months, which means a good share of research, website \ social media tweaking and a massive chunk of email writing. All laborious stuff as one man, but surviving. Eventually, the finito button will be clicked and new arts will come pouring into this gallery. Until then, the best way to get me to drop everything like a ton of bricks is to commission me. Will speak more soon on the MCM update.


Boo! How's it going?

I recently added links on my website menu to my growing outposts to
LinkedIn, Pinterest, Pixiv(!) and Youtube, the last of which I've resurrected from being an archive storage for early day animations. I dusted off the cobwebs and given the channel a new lick of paint. I can't promise when I'll start adding new videos just yet, but I would love to do art demonstrations, explain my techniques and I certainly haven't ruled out animations in the future either. All of which will include my commentary, the odd inoffensive rant here and there, and more content based on feedback and suggestions. Can I confirm if I will be dressing up like a Muppet just like the other famous Video Bloggers out there? Time will tell (and money talks).

Although I'll keep my LinkedIn account alive, I consider its presence on the site a placeholder as I feel the overall business etiquette there is different from the marketing personality of my website. What will take that spots place would be an upcoming link to a new Gumroad Account or something similar, whichever I think is great for selling Prints and T-shirts.
Otherwise, in the meantime, I'm trying my luck with Pixiv as an additional Art media. It'll be interesting to see how my manga-influenced work has an impact on the locals there.

Look after yourselves and keep well, my friends! x -TomT


Tuke's been on camera once or twice!

If you recall my outing to the ICE Brighton Comicon back in 2017, I did, in fact, get a bit of internet screentime throughout, particularly in this first video to be showcased where I stealthily slivered into view at about the 2-minute mark. Other folks may recognise their presence at this fair throughout this video.

Admittedly when I first watched this again I thought, "God! Is that what I sound like in recording? What a dope!" coupled with the fact that I think my attention was spread out like it normally is at an active convention plus I got up early to lug heavy luggage from London to Brighton. But other than that, nice to see I look cheerful on camera, and I more or less stick to every word mentioned here.

I'm just keeping my eye out now for the interview I did at the MCM's last year. In any case, to those who got me on camera, as well as to those visiting the table, many thanks again for your interest. :)

2nd video in question from Bleeding Cool with my brief cameo.


Okay, update on the Online store:
There is something of a project to be a had regarding getting items published on Comixology, including an approval phase and the workload phase on their end, which normally entails that it takes a month or so overall for Comixology to post their edition of the work. Ego, this may be a slow and steady project in my spare time before things come full circle.

THAT being said, you can still grab Genma Visage right now off
Artstation and Amazon Kindle! In fact, I hear if they're available on Kindle by proxy Comixology app users can purchase them as well, so it's still win-win at the moment!
Now you still have to register with Artstation to purchase like most online stores, so I still have the paypal and wetransfer option if people would prefer that. Take a view in the
store section.

Looking ahead, reprints of the Books will still be done because that's still a biz that sells like hotcakes. Amazon through Kindle does offer a printed Paperback edition to which I shall take a view. Besides my current stock left over, as I whole I shall take a view on marketing strategy in the coming months and work from there. To the victor of strategies go the spoils!


I am pleased to announce that at long last, after years of toiling on my comics, of months of formatting on and off between real-life while sizing up the marketing, my works will finally be available on Comixology. I've sent the go-ahead along with the profile page of TukeWorks Productions and right now the Comixology developers are now looking over it to configure the books for their app. I could expect a hiccup along the way, but it looks like nothing I can't handle. We'll see how it pans out.

I've also made moves to have these books available on Kindle and Artstation. The files are in fact ready on standby, ready for a click of a few buttons, but along with Comixology's review process, I'm proofreading the terms and conditions right until the do-or-die moment. Additionally, to spread my reach further, Genma is likely to have a spot on Comichaus as well because why have one when you can have more? Pick your poison.

Until then, I respect the Apps as they are, but otherwise, you can, of course, get the PDF files straight from me personally!

Simply browse the
book page, select the books you want, email me at and I'll arrange the payment details and the transfer. I also have some hard physical copies left over which have been slashed in price and ready for mailing (postal fees apply). So what are you waiting for? There hasn't been a better time to grab London Underground's most high-impact Action-Horror Comic!

With this milestone, the question is where do we go from here, apart from more books maybe? Well, I've had my eyes set on Merch for a time, and have handpicked a selection to go follow that idea through. T-shirts and Large prints in full colour will be the next thing to splash across the store, and not a moment too soon when Summer is now here with soaring temperatures included. It's exciting days ahead, guys and you're welcome to be a part of it. Raise your glasses to the future. x -TomT


Ello-ello! I'm alive and well. I'm otherwise happy and I hope you all are as well. My recent art has more or less acted as my form of diary during the lockdown period as it has always done. I've had plenty of long walks and shaved my own head to boot. Because I'm a driven chap in my work, I seldom step outside to comment on outside topics in my journals the same way I may strike a conversation in real life. In this instance, I'll offer commentary on a certain subject that landed in my inbox a few weeks back.

London MCM Expo May 2020, the one I decided to forego, was initially pushed back and now unsurprisingly it has been cancelled. In fact, the MCM group has cancelled all their conventions up until October so far including Scotland MCM, my other staple convention, and I imagine all the others after will be out the window too. When San Diego Comic-Con is knocked on the head, it's an eye-opener for the future of the Comicon's existence. It's also an interesting time to be a Comic Creator, and with sheer hard work and persistent drive like I've always done, a man can allow for some optimism at the end of the tunnel. Since the steadily declining output of revenue at MCM London I always I wanted to explore pastures new, and the evolution of networking is something I'd have joy in growing with. I do hope that I can return to the joy of Comicons in the distant future, and not to mention on a personal note do some World Travelling as well. But we shall see. I reckon Zoom Conventions will be a thing if it isn't already.

Cutting to the chase, I've updated and added a truckload of new arts onto the website. Not only does this include my recent masterpieces but also a lot more into the sketchbook studies. In addition, I've decided, after much rescanning and sourcing out my photos to upload my gift art done for folks over the years on special occasions, birthdays and more. Certain people here will be more than delighted to see their work in the gallery I'd bet. The reason for this partly to with my wish to break into the Greetings card and festive poster market as a sideline amongst others. I often get the compliment that the card means more than the present. It's early days as I say this but with Lockdown still in effect and its legacy to affect people's lives for a time, why not give it a go?

Gotta crack on; more GV stuff around the corner. -TomT


Okay, Server updates!
I spent a few hours as of late researching and trying to sort out the SSL malarky on the Genma Visage website when the self-signing stick doesn't work. Google and popular browsers seem to treat non-SSL sites like a certain plague so it's commonly recommended for artists to be on top of the matter when designing. Like many, I've opted for a temporary certificates from Let's Encrypt that I have to renew every 90 days, which. Despite this, however, at the moment despite it being greenlit in my Cpanel, the website is still giving me that security gyp in the lock sign by the address bar. Either my web host is flat out rejecting it, or it could be part of the coding and how the website is made (i.e. notepad, Frontpage express and whichever trick with PHP and trick coding I can get my hands on). If it's the former it may seem that I'll have to register an SSL certificate, yet frankly not until I'm 200% sure it is necessary. By the way, my brain is as fried as most people on the subject.

Anyway, just to generally reclarify: the Genma Visage page is a portfolio site and will not ask for sensitive data \ information. Sales and business transactions will be done on-site on 3rd party sites such as PayPal, Patreon and so forth.

And that's about it. I'll tell you more when I know, and you all keep safe in this paracetamol-gobbling age. -Tommy


I've decided upon length that I will not be doing London MCM this May due to current business plans and also pleasant family matters taking shape within that time. I do still have my eyes set on Scotland MCM and London MCM October of which, all being well, you shall see me there.

Admittedly the Corona Virus is another factor, specifically how it'll affect the Health and Safety protocol of the event. A little birdy tells me that it's making huge events across nations loopy and haywire as we speak. With all the preparations I could make for an event that gets cancelled and whether I'll get my dosh back, it's a headache I can do without for now. Unless one of my favourite models is attending, then never mind the Corona Virus. I'll carry that big suitcase on bleeding stumps in the snow. :P

That all being said, maybe nothing will happen at all, the show will go on, and I myself will commend the first person to create a Corona Virus cosplay. I'm serious, there'll be at least one. ;P

But yeah. London MCM has been one of, if not the favourite of mine, but this year I'd like to take a breath of fresh air and seek other ventures to make up for my absence there. To those attending, do have a great time, keep safe, and I'll see you again in the future. x -Tommy.


Ayup chaps! First post of 2020!

I've had a recent buff to the website as of late to organise the gallery section. Because each section of the gallery is growing into its own exhibition, separating them I felt was the best way to avoid potential clutter in the future. As such my side project Lust of the Dakini has taken up (temporary) residence on the Genma Visage site with an updated summary of its premise. In due time I may register a new domain and new website design for it, but for the moment, I've barely touched my disk space for Genma Visage so I may as well make the most of things.

I've also updated my About page and personal bio section, of which I would like to thank
Wayne Riley for providing the photo of me a while back (hope that's alright and I've added you to the credits). Taking lead from certain peers I've also been extra flash and added my credentials beneath my bio for good measure because you only live once.

So yeah, there's been general changes to the site, and Pteradon's head has popped into the side menu which I intend to try out something in the near future. Otherwise, truth be told, I've been putting off the Kindle \ Comixology thing mainly due to last-minute touches and advertising \ networking ventures to try and truly enrich the promotion, not to mention the Patreon that I'm looking into. This weekend and the next, I hope to let the axe fall and severe the last threads of perfectionism once and for all. Then truly it's on to pastures new.

There may or may not be something of a lengthy announcement in the coming weeks, depending on if I feel it's relevant but I'll let you know in pleasant kind. -TomT


As of late, although Linkedin can be seen as indifferent to what I do hence why other sites like Deviantart, Artstation and Instagram fill the bill, I've been giving mine a good shunt so that it appears a lot more up to date and vocal.

Unfortunately, the turbulent period for me is still present, and it has tempted me to start this post on a much more negative note. But I'm no Quitter!

Still, this will make some chaps snigger in the back row. I am contemplating something that proves that hell has not only frozen over, but it has also got a pack of Coca Colas in reserve.

I'm contemplating Patreon!


Many thanks and cheers to everyone who made London MCM a really swell convention this year. I made similar announcements on the FB but I just wanted to say that I now have a Twine page as well for the certain flair of commissioners to contact me through. My reach is getting stronger by the day, folks!

I've had a wee snag with firefox with this website, though Chrome and basic Internet Explorer seem to be running alright. Basically, there was a security certificate issue that my service provider alerted me, while I seem to have updated that for another 6 months, Firefox that I tried the site seems to give the alarm bell on website security, which blocks you (temporarily) from my site. It could be a setting on that particular computer at the time. Still, if anyone's having errors, give me a shout to let me know.

In any case, payment transactions won't be done through the website directly for the time being (there'll be PayPal and offsite stores for that), so there shouldn't be any risks here. Tom over and out.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.